Aptisol CP


Promotes proper development in growing animals. Enhances growth performance, production efficiency, hatchiability and eggshell quality in poultry. Prevents hypocalcemia in lactating dams.

Oral Solution 1L


Vitamin AD3E+C

Fat soluble vitamins plus sodium ascorbate essential for normal metabolism and physiological functions of the animal’s body.
Supplementary nutrient in case of hypovitaminosis

Oral Emulsion 1L


Multivitamins + Amino Acid

Highly concentrated nutrients for the maintenance of growth, fertility, threat of diseases and for physiological and mechanical stress

Oral Emulsion 1L

LC Mineral

Minerals + Choline chloride

Mixture of essential minerals plus choline to meet the animal’s requirement for maintenance, growth and reproduction

Feed Premix Powder 20kg

LC Vitamin


– A balanced multivitamins required by poultry and swine of all ages for maintenance, reproduction, lactation and other activity.

– Controls vitamin deficiencies during period of stress.

Feed Premix Powder 20kg


Multivitamins + Amino Acid

– Aids in the maintenance of good health and performance. Enhances feed conversion efficiency and increases immune resistance to infection.


Multivitamins + Electrolytes

Supplementary vitamins and electrolytes to support growth, health and performance especially during stress, transport, vaccination and extreme weather

Water Sluble Powder 3kg

Vibeflex SP

Vitamin B-complex

Composed of water soluble B vitamins that play an important role in cell metabolism. B vitamins assist in the conversion of feed into energy source for growth as well as maintaining integrity of digestive and nervous system.

Water Soluble Powder 1kg

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