Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate

Binds mycotoxin present in feeds, hence maintaining its good quality. It also improves utilization of nutrients and regulates digestion of feed.

Feed Premix Powder 25kg


Vitamins+Ca+Lagundi Flower
Contains nutrients and plant extract that stimulates milk production and increases fertility rate.
Feed Premix Powder 20 kg


High Quality Feed Enzyme

A high quality & multi-activity feed enzyme formulated for animal feeds to enable better nutrient utilization resulting in more high quality, meet eggs or milk with lower total cost

Feed Premix Powder 20 kg

Ractovet ME

Ractopamine HCl 20g/kg

Enhances meat and carcass quality by decreasing fat production. Increase weight gain, feed efficiency and dress percentage in grower and finisher.

Feed Premix Powder 20 kg

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